Vincent Lartizien

Vincent Lartizien


Son of a surgeon and dedicated to a medical career, the ocean took me and I left at the age of 18 to live alone on the islands of Hawaii to answer a visceral call of the waves and the ocean.

I spent more than 30 years playing on the backs of the oceans as a professional windsurfer and surfer where I saw the state of our planet deteriorating at a frightening rate, our freedoms diminishing at the same time.
I decided to act: studies of energy therapies, Yoga and meditation, creation of a Montessori school for my son.

Then I wanted to act in a more percussive way and turned to hemp, thanks to which I accomplish my mission to change the world with the purpose of nourishing the health of all (planet included).

It is a sacred mission.

Paris 1.618

What is the genesis of your project ?

Vincent Lartizien

Thanks to my career as a pro surfer all over the world, I have seen the state of our planet deteriorate exponentially in the last 20 years. I decided to stop complaining and take action.

Paris 1.618

What are your goals in terms of sustainable development?

Vincent Lartizien

Nourishing the health of all the planet with Hemp and Cannabis.

Paris 1.618

What is your major challenge in terms of improvement within a 2-year horizon?

Vincent Lartizien

Bringing an alternative solution with hemp in the most polluting industries of the planet : food industry, textile industry, construction industry, plastics industry.

Paris 1.618

Your definition of "Sustainable Luxury

Vincent Lartizien

Sustainable luxury for us is the luxury that nourishes health while nourishing the planet while being harmonious, balanced and vibratory high.

Paris 1.618

Why join 1.618?

Vincent Lartizien

To help us accomplish our mission to change the world.

Paris 1.618

What is the meaning of your name?

Vincent Lartizien

The end of imprisonment.

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