Frédérique Labadie & Philippe Guillermic

Frédérique Labadie & Philippe Guillermic


Driven by the same desire to create a premium brand of global self-care, Frédérique and Philippe opted for an approach that combines the best of clean cosmetics, the best of micronutrition and comfort aromatherapy.

Frédérique is hyperactive and eager to learn and meet new people, while Philippe is more interested in observing and contemplating the world and nature.

1.618 Paris

What is the genesis of your project?

Frédérique Labadie & Philippe Guillermic

A meeting between Fred and Philippe. We both wanted to create a sustainable self-care brand that was TRULY sustainable. We had a shared desire to bring to life a brand that was BEAUTIFUL, GOOD for YOU and GOOD for the PLANET.

1.618 Paris

What is the meaning of your name?

Frédérique Labadie & Philippe Guillermic

We chose the name DAYS OF CONFIDENCE because we believe that self-care brands must win back consumers' trust.

Our name is a promise: A promise that says: "You can trust us to be uncompromising in the pursuit of quality and transparency”.

The exacting standards we set for ourselves drive us to create products that are both natural and efficient and to do so with total transparency as to our ingredients, our manufacturing processes, and our sustainability commitments.

1.618 Paris

What are your goals in terms of sustainable development?

Frédérique Labadie & Philippe Guillermic

Completely replace plastic with bioplastic when viable, reliable and financially interesting solutions exist.
Today, our packaging is made of recycled glass, but the pumps are still made of plastic because there are no alternative solutions yet.

Obtain B.Corp certification and develop a waterless range.

Set up a deposit service to recover our product containers and offer a refill option.

Finally, to make enough profit to be able to give some of it back to NGOs.

1.618 Paris

What is your major challenge in terms of improvement within a 2-year horizon?

Frédérique Labadie & Philippe Guillermic

We aim to minimize our carbon footprint by sourcing 80% of our ingredients locally. Today we are at 50%.

Find a viable bio plastic packaging solution to replace some of our recycled glass packaging.

1.618 Paris

Your definition of “Sustainable Luxury“?

Frédérique Labadie & Philippe Guillermic

Creating beautiful products without harming anyone or anything. "Self-care" should only be ethical and sustainable, otherwise it becomes "selfish care".

1.618 Paris

Why join 1.618?

Frédérique Labadie & Philippe Guillermic

Because we are small and believe in the power of community to change things. We need to work together to build a brighter, more sustainable future.

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