Combined ranges of bio-cosmetics and micronutrition of exemplary quality and effectiveness manufactured in France to meet the essential needs of the skin and the body.




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An ultra-demanding and eco-responsible approach to "global care" by combining the effectiveness of bio-active cosmetics with that of micronutrition.

DAYS OF CONFIDENCE was born from three convictions: the first one is that beauty and well-being are complementary. Beauty is the result of a set of daily practices that ensure a good dermatological, physiological and psychological balance. The second one is that women need confidence, and that without high standards, there can be no confidence. The third one is that individual well-being and beauty must not harm the planet....

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The idea of a truly eco-friendly holistic self-care brand
Meeting with Dr. Nara Nairi
Launching of the first range

Self-care ranges that go to the essentials in complete transparency!

In a sustainable and responsible approach, DAYS OF CONFIDENCE uses a strictly French or European production in order to favor short circuits and to limit the carbon footprint of its products. Moreover, the brand does not test on animals.

The composition is meticulously chosen, 100% natural and traceable. For dietary supplements,...
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Exclusive proprietary formulas


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Elisa Niemtzow

Luxury and sustainable development expert, Vice-President of BSR

Feeling good about oneself literally and figuratively involves clean and transparent formulations. Days of Confidence brings great value to beauty by combining bio-active cosmetics and premium micro-nutrition with strong, science-based statements. I also admire the brand’s commitment to transparent formulas and eco-friendly packaging.

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Sourcing, traceability and responsible supply chains

Transparency and sincerity

Eco-design of packaging

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L'anecdote de 1.618

We were totally seduced by the originality of Days of Confidence's holistic approach to micro-nutrition and cosmetics and its philosophy that beauty is all about well-being.

"All beauty is joy that remains."