Kevin Chu

Kevin Chu


As a qualified British Architect, originally from Hong Kong, I studied and practiced in London for many years. I discovered photocatalytic air purification technology over seven years ago and immediately understood the potential of this amazing invention.

I now run SUGO, the world's first high-end designer furniture company to purify air. It has received over 50 global design and sustainability awards including the coveted German Design Award 2021 Best of the Best and is named by the World Design Consortium 2021 in Italy as one of the most influential and creative companies in Asia.

I have been an advocate for sustainability for over 20 years and my lifelong quest is to achieve the health of our planet through art, science and sustainable technology.

1.618 Paris

How did your project start?

Kevin Chu

What if Furniture becomes Art or vice versa and it can also actively improve planet earth ? We believe this is the logical step on design evolution for current and future generations.

1.618 Paris

What are your goals in terms of sustainable development?

Kevin Chu

I am always on the lookout for new inventions on sustainable tech and after many years working on collaboration and research, we found that many of these inventors needs a creative platform to accentuate the potential of their tech.

I believe SUGO is the link to expose the appeal of such inventions through creativity! A tech alone needs aesthetical application to drive interest through sexiness, this is how I always pass my message on.

1.618 Paris

What is your major challenge in terms of improvement within a 2-year horizon?

Kevin Chu

As founder of SUGO, the world of sustainable tech is evolving at breakneck speed and I always need to update and adapt to each disruptive generation and merge this into technical feasibility in production and manufacturing.

On the creative side we enforced our manifesto on highly limited production and extensive customization which in turn we can sell out our inventory faster, project an air of exclusivity yet at the same time updates needs to come more constantly, not unlike that of the fashion industry. Our production is constantly improving with better/unique finishes and new smart tech.

Check out our new SWITCH/OFF patent soon which we are working on eliminating the “ugly” light switch within the next year.

1.618 Paris

Your definition of “Sustainable Luxury“ ?

Kevin Chu

A really simple answer to the “solution” on sustainability is this: If there has never been an industrial revolution and things are produced to lasts and be treasured upon with higher cost. Global pollution will never come to the current state.

In our current era we have grown so accustomed to cheap and fast goods we longer value anything. One needs to ask for a fair and premium cost on products and produce all elements in limited quantity and the consumers need to save and aspire to the purchase, like owning a Audemars Piguet watch.

The higher cost allows companies to invest more in quality R&D, materials, responsible manufacturing as well as workers rights and these are the real value for our world.

1.618 Paris

Why join 1.618 PARIS ?

Kevin Chu

I found the 1.618 Paris profusely selective process and highly unique collection from global entrepreneurs and creatives highly in tune to what I wish for to promote SUGO’s works, which are NOT mass market oriented.

We decided to work with 1.618 after rejecting over 30 marketing outfit over the last 3 years.

1.618 Paris

What is the meaning of your name?

Kevin Chu

In English there is saying “the Source of Inspiration”. I wanted to change this to “the Sauce of Inspiration” as any Sauce or condiments on food adds a boost of flavor and that is what we are, we add uniqueness to the equation, and we choose SUGO because:

SUGO in Italian means "Sauce"
SUGO in Japanese means "Amazing"
SUGO in Chinese means "Unattainable High End"

It is name that transcends language barriers and it reflects perfectly my life’s multi-cultural background and the way we communicate design for anyone around the world.

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