Combining luxury perfumery and eco-consciousness, NOUT designs natural perfumes with the prestigious House of Robertet, in Grasse. Certified organic "cosmos organic", the products are vegan and do not contain any petrochemical ingredients.




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Nout is the first unisex perfume house, 100% natural, vegan and certified organic.

The young French brand of high-end unisex perfumes, Nout, imagines and creates scents of an absolute natural state. The formulations are 100% natural and Cosmos Organic certified for an ethical and sustainable sensoriality.

Nout draws its inspiration from the Egyptian goddess Nout, protector of the earth. The house favors noble and organic material out of which 82% of the total is from organic farming (instead of the minimum 25% required by the label).


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Laurence Lecocq discovers the goddess Nout during a trip to Egypt
Professional life change to devote herself entirely to her project
Creation of Nout

Eco-responsibility at every stage of the manufacturing process is Nout's mission.

Perfuming with Nout also means taking care of yourself and the planet. With no endocrine disruptors, no synthetic perfumes, no colorants, no petrochemicals, no raw materials of animal origin, and no skin-aggressive products making all the essences healthy.

Unlike the synthetic fragrances that dominate the industry,...
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Of Nout fragrances are made from natural products


Printed documents, reduced to a minimum to limit the impact on the environment, are biodegradable / recyclable (PEFC/FSC certified)


Of Nout fragrances are Cosmos Organic certified

Le mot du comité

Elisabeth Laville

Expert in sustainable development strategies, founder of Utopies

A young ambitious brand that moves the luxury perfume industry in the direction of a necessary transformation of the sector towards more transparency in the formulations and consistency of commitment. We deeply appreciated the Cosmos Organic certification, the unisex and vegan commitment, but also the organic cotton bag and the FSC wood bottle cap.


forces et qualités

Transparency and sincerity

Sourcing, traceability and responsible supply chains

Ethical and social commitments

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L'anecdote de 1.618

Nout challenged the impossible. Its passionate founder can be proud of her young brand that is 100% natural perfumes given that the environment is slow to change.

"The spectacle of nature is always beautiful."