UPW is one of the world's largest woolen spinner, specializing in yarns made of noble fibers. With a particular focus on environmental protection, social welfare and animal husbandry, the company also uses technological innovation to ensure transparency throughout its supply chain.

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Wherever brands are in their journey towards sustainability, keep the vision and keep taking positive steps towards transitioning the fashion industry’s materials, designs, and business models into becoming more sustainable.

Design has always been central to UPW’s ethos. The launch of our U-LAB collaborative transforms the design and sampling process to increase efficiency and reduce waste. U-LAB embraces digital innovation and through their collaboration with Shima Seiki, they digitalized all yarns and +3000 colours with APEX. This made it possible for designers to create realistic, virtual 3D simulations and custom lab dips with tailored colour twists to meet client needs....

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Obtained Oeko-Tex 100 certification
ISO 14001, GRS, OCS and GOTS certifications
Launched their cashmere and yak traceability program with Shokay
Achieved RWS responsible wool certification
Joined SFA and CCAW to promote animal welfare
Good Cashmere Standard® certification by AbTF

Traceability is the groundwork and foundation for sustainable, transparent supply chains.

UPW’s Traceability Program for cashmere and yak are offered in UPW’s StockStore® and are traced back to the region where the fibres were harvested.

Their cashmere is traceable to four agricultural regions in Inner Mongolia, from fiber to finished product. These communities of farmers are recognized for the excellence of their...
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Recycled materials in their Recycled series, compared to an average of 5% in the textile industry


Recycled water in their production and dyeing process thanks to their high efficiency water treatment plant


Colors of digitized yarns

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Responsible innovation

Transparency and sincerity

Sourcing, traceability and responsible supply chains

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Very impressive commitments to bring more transparency to the textile sector. It is also important to underline the strong will to put technology at the service of designers in their responsible creation process.
Thank you Future Fabrics for this great discovery!

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