Kipas is one of Europe's largest denim suppliers. They are committed to rethinking the denim supply chain and creating a fully circular solution. The textile mill produces jeans from 100% recycled cotton and has participated in the Ellen McArthur Jeans Redesign project.

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The fashion industry has a significant impact on climate change, natural resources and human rights, but we have the opportunity to be part of the solution.

The company is aware of its large-scale social and environmental impact. As such, their ambition is to lead the change towards circular, renewable, fair and reliable textile industries in a rapidly changing world.

Their size is also a strength as they seek to constantly establish systemic change throughout their operations and value chain. The company analyses its environmental impact throughout their production and makes new investments accordingly....

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Kipaş Holding is born.
100% of their energy comes from their own renewable resources and their carbon footprint from electricity has decreased by 97%.
27% recycled water in their indigo department.
15% of recycled water used in pre-treatment.
500,000 trees planted over the next five years.
Targets: 100% water recycled, 100% responsible materials and carbon neutrality.

Innovative sourcing, increasing certification, partnerships to help change and protect our oceans.

Resolution fabrics have been developed to achieve a sustainable approach to fiber composition. It is a forward-thinking denim line framed by a circular design strategy. This concept emphasizes responsibility, recycling, waste reduction and minimal use of natural resources. 60% of their production is made with fibers with a low environmental impact,...
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Years experience in six different industries


Million meters of fabric produced in the denim section



10 000


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Innovation Responsable

Impact environnemental et consommation énergétique

Sourcing, traçabilité et filières responsables

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Kipas is proof that it is possible to rethink the denim industry! This flagship of the Turkish textile industry has a real will to have a supply chain and allies itself with the best like the Ellen MacArthur foundation to achieve this.
Thank you Future Fabrics for this great discovery!

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