At first glance, it's a trip back to the 1930s and 1940s. Back then things were designed to be beautiful, functional and timeless. Avionics creates electric bikes, fully recyclable, and characterized by a classic design turned into a modern edition, like a retro-futuristic machine.




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A passion for mobility, travel and escape

Controlling and driving your Avionics motorcycle is a reminiscent of flying, as if in a dream, as if you were flying over fields, mountains and moors.

As for the plastic, rubber or cables in the models, everything is limited to the bare minimum.

Today, electricity is making a strong comeback in motorization, enriched with high technology.
Avionics is a pure form, designed to merge contrasts.

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Founders meet for the first time on a beach in the Baltic Sea
Year of creation of Avionics
Design praised by media: Top Gear, Electric bike, GQ, Playboy, YANKO design, Uncreate, Gentelmans Journals, etc
Published in "The Current: New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age" alongside BMW Concept Link, Porsche Mission E, etc
Presented to the M.A.D. gallery in Geneva
Featured in The Gentleman's Journal alongside Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition

Collaborations with craftsmen and family businesses, and priority to noble materials.

Avionics collaborates with craftsmen and small businesses, specialized in motorcycles or cars.

The metal parts used are made of steel;
the wood of Jatoba is FCS certified. It is very resistant and strong to weather conditions.
The top-quality Samsung battery guarantees long autonomy and operating time and the...
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En chiffres

2 months

To design and produce an Avionics e-bike

3 years

Without any change in battery capacity

120 km

Range possible

2-3 h

Charging time

forces et qualités

Responsible innovation

Product life cycle

Preservation of craftsmanship and traditional know-how

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L'anecdote de 1.618

Electric bikes that will make our Parisian Vélib' pale in comparison! We were charmed by the retro design and the work of the 2 Polish co-founders, passionate about craftsmanship and technique.

"The difference between the possible and the impossible takes place in the determination"