A designer lamp brand with an artistic flair and innovative functionality, SUGO is inspired by the world around us to make products with unique features related to health and the environment.

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SUGO was born with the unique mission of creating game-changing, biophilic contemporary furniture designs.

Kevin Chu and Giulia Dibonaventura, serious nature lovers, embark on the SUGO adventure and merge advanced sustainable technologies with elements inspired by nature.

All SUGO ARTNITURE art furniture aims to work with or return the favour of nature. They have the incredible ability to invincibly cleanse the environment of viruses, bacteria and pollution through special photocatalytic technology tested and approved by NASA....

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Kevin Chu wins the Bartlett Archigram Design Award
Launch of the SUGO brand by Kevin Chu and Giulia Dibonaventura
SUGO wins the German Design Award 2021 Best of the Best and the World Design Consortium 2021

SUGO, products that combine high quality, creativity and revolutionary technology.

Kevin Chu discovered photocatalytic air purification technology over seven years ago and immediately understood the potential of this amazing invention. His innovations have received more than 50 global awards for design and sustainability.

Always on the lookout for new inventions in sustainable technology and after many years of collaboration and research,...
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Revolutionary new technology

60-70 %

Recycled or water-based components

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Elisa Niemtzow
Luxury and sustainable development expert, Vice-President of BSR

SUGO is a brand that completely fits the 1.618 Paris project! Innovative, desirable and fundamentally committed. Their use of photocatalysis seems quite relevant to purify the air and protect the environment. It’s a great discovery as Hong Kong closes.

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Responsible innovation

Ethical and societal commitments

Educational role

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L'anecdote de 1.618

As soon as we spotted these stunning and authentic designs that combine technology and photocatalysis, we couldn't wait to contact the motivated and dynamic SUGO team. It was a no-brainer from the very first phone call!

"Achieving the health of our planet through art, science and sustainable technology."