Nunti Sunya transforms hemp to offer quality products that respect our planet. Conceived and designed by a former professional surfer, Nunti-Sunya is the specialist in organic and French hemp.




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Nunti-Sunya's goal is to enhance the value of hemp in all areas where it can be used in an environmental perspective.

During their travels as passionate surfers, the founders were horrified to see the devastating impact of the climate crisis.
As our planet's health and ours are interconnect, they decided to create a brand that would protect both: Nunti-sunya.

They needed to find a product that could suit human needs without destroying the environment, so they looked to nature for inspiration. Hemp became the obvious choice! Indeed,...

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Creation of the Nunti-Sunya brand and of an organic and French hemp spinneret in the form of an association
250 Hectares of hemp sown
Fair For Life certified spinneret and birth of the cosmetic and therapeutic range
Construction of a factory made of hemp concrete

In only 6 years, Nunti-Sunya has succeeded in setting up their own agricultural production, cultivating more than 300 hectares and revolutionizing the way we consume.

Nunti-Sunya’s founders developed a four-phase strategy to ensure a holistic approach.

The first phase, completed in 2017, was the installation of their own French organic agriculture chain and the tools to process the seed for food usage.
The second phase, was dedicated to the construction of their factory made in hemp concrete....
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Raw materials from French organic agriculture


Factory made of hemp concrete


Hectares of hemp cultivation

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Responsible Innovation

Environmental impact and energy consumption

Sourcing, traçabilité et filière responsable

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L'anecdote de 1.618

Although we were aware that hemp was a plant with health benefits, we had no idea how much potential this amazing plant actually possesses. We were completely blown away by Nunti-Sunya's vision and impact. We are now ready to join forces with them to debunk hemp clichés and valorize its potential.

In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than standing still