ICICLE, a major player in China's high-end ready-to-wear, has been operating in France since 2013, they opened its first international boutique at 35 avenue George V in Paris in 2019. The pioneering brand has been committed to natural and sustainable fashion since 1997.




Valeurs et engagements

ICICLE, was born in 1997 in Shanghai, at the peak of the economic boom and rise of urbanization. The couple, YE Shouzeng and TAO Xiaoma, aimed to meet the needs of a more urban and affluent population by creating a fashion style that would be environmentally and humanly friendly.

As a leader, ICICLE embodies the New China movement: a highly innovative wave of fashion brands that draw on their cultural heritage (5,000 years of textile history) to create international fashion with Asian values and environmentally responsible.

The brand proposes a new kind of luxury, natural in its way of proceeding and its style, responsible and thoughtful, which finds its inspiration in the Taoist philosophy,...

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Icicle is born in Shanghai
ICICLE Fashion Group opens its French subsidiary and the Paris Design Center
ICICLE Fashion Group takes over CARVEN, the historic Parisian fashion house
Opening of its first flagship store in Paris at 35 avenue George V
The opening of a new boutique at 50 rue Faubourg Saint Honoré
and the opening of a new location at the Bon Marché

ICICLE's approach is part of a sustainable and responsible fashion ecosystem, rhyming with both environmental sensitivity and longevity of clothing.

Made In Earth is ICICLE's philosophy, in search of a harmony between man and nature.

In a minimal and resolutely fashionable style, the brand sublimates natural materials: wool, silk, cotton, linen, cashmere..., to meet the aspirations of a new generation of active urbanites.

With silhouettes that are both stylish and refined,...
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En chiffres


Manufacturing plants of its own, symbol of an industrialized eco-fashion model


Locations : Shanghai and Paris


Stores in China, 3 in Paris and 1 location in Japan



Le mot du comité

Camille Rojot

Expert in responsible sourcing strategy, co-founder of Origem

ICICLE’s commitment is first and foremost focused on processing: vegetable dyes and tanning. To be exemplary, the path must continue upstream with all materials (silk, wool, cashmere) being certified, following the example of cotton which is already organic.

forces et qualités

Sourcing, traceability and responsible supply chain

Responsible innovation

Educational role

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L'anecdote de 1.618

As soon as the brand arrived in France, we knew that its style and values were in line with those of 1.618.
We developed a strong collaboration with this company which is focused on the luxury of detail and simplicity, benevolence and respect, as exemplary as its collections are seductive.

"The earth has music for those who listen”